James' Music Studio testimony



Received from Lisa, mother of a middle school girl:

"...we just wanted to say thank you for your skill in working with Kristina. I can't tell you how great it is that you let her go 'at her own pace' and remain upbeat with her at every lesson. With our full schedules, her piano lesson is the one stress-free activity she looks forward to. I know it's because you make it fun. She is not always prepared as well as she should be, but you still manage to keep her motivated, and she is slowly but surely developing as a pianist. Please know how much we appreciate your diligence and patience!"

testimony From the mother of my very first Japanese students, Sara and Mari, shown here at Winter Recital

Mr. James,

Thank you for the lesson today! Girls love you so much. They were so excited and practiced after choir!!! I can't believe it. You are amazing.

Thank you, Ai Yamada


From Quynh Nguyen, my first Vietnamese student:

Thank you so much for teaching me and teach me even the small thing that is very importance. I am so glad that I found you, the more I learn the more I like, you are a wonderful teacher.

And from the mom of a high school freshman:
I really appreciate you and the way you teach my daughter. She can be hard to get through to and you are able to do just that. I am glad she has taken to piano so much and I thank you for your part in that.
Karina says it all in the cards she makes me (at right):

Karina "My son enjoys his piano lessons with Mr. James. He is a great motivator yet always makes it fun." - Stephanie W., physician

"Our family appreciates your passion and humor in piano class with Jamie." - Hyung-Wook K., Vandy oncologist

"Mr. James has an undeniable gift for teaching others to do what he loves so much...play the piano." - Beth M., Belmont Music Graduate

"Thanks so much for your patience, concern, wise counsel and wonderful instruction." - Betty M., adult organ student, FRA teacher

"Thank you for being so patient with Allison and Austin. You are a wonderful and inspiring piano teacher." - Janey W., laboratory manager at Vandy

"I found a jazz teacher. I think he's perfect for me and he says I did exactly the right thing by taking lessons with you for the past two years to get to the point where I am now..." - Gary T., adult pianist, attorney

From the mother of a student just accepted into the Nashville School of the Arts: "I am very happy with how she has progressed with you. I heard her playing last night and she just played and played and played. And it all sounded great." - Rhonda E.

Thank you for your patience and kindness with Elizabeth for so many years. As she goes through her life, I know her contact with you will impact her relationship with others." - Karen M., mom

rachel bubis "Thanks for all your guidance throughout the semester--see you next time!" - Rachel B., H.S. Junior (shown at left)

"Andy and Ashley are really excited about learning piano from you. They are practicing on their own much more than ever." - Julie, mother of two transfer students

"I just want to say again how excited I am to have Kristin with you--you are good for her. I am so glad you are correcting some of her bad piano habits. Keep it up!" - Carol M., mom of 14 year old transfer student

"I want Mr. James." - 9 year old, when asked by mom if he wanted drum or piano lessons in the summer

"This has been a great experience for her and you have done a wonderful job of teaching her. Thanks for everything." - Susan B., mother

"Daniel enjoys lessons with you and I so appreciate your work with him. He says that you are helping him alot. He has really improved." - Mary R., mother of teen

"James is a very helpful teacher...and always gives me make up lessons when I miss one." - Andy R., Vandy engineering student

"I admire your ability to teach the kids; not only are you a gifted player, but you also have that extraordinary gift to teach the little ones with kindness and patience." - Janet G., mother

"...to hear Bryard perform and to hear the response from others brings us back to reality; he is blessed and so are we. Thank you for allowing him to express his talent, thank you for your patience and your belief in him. We are grateful." - Jana W., psychiatrist

"Thank you for the wonderful report as we have seen an improvement in all three boys since placing them under your teaching. You are doing a fabulous job training them and we do appreciate you. Their excitement during practice is a joy to watch for our family." - Doug C., father of 3

Lacey "Thank you so much for a wonderful recital! Larson and Lacey had so much fun. We loved watching all the other students as well." -- Wendy, mother of Lacey (at right)

"Jackson will be playing once a month in church this summer, so he will keep up his practicing for that. Thanks for all you have done for them this year! You are a great teacher." - Camilla, mother of brother & sister ages 7 and 9
"We appreciate everything you do for us and your many students - you are a very caring teacher." - same mom a couple years later

I suggested perhaps switching teachers for a mom with a schedule conflict. Her reply: "No, I don't want to change instructors. They would be so disappointed. They really really like you and I think they are doing really well!" -- Kim S., mother of 3

"I was talking with Tracey on our way back home from the piano class tonight. She was so happy and excited about the class; also she told me she really likes to learn from you. I'm really glad she start to like the piano again." - Qiuja S., who transferred daughter from a Chinese teacher

"We truly appreciate the help you have given Catherine thus far and feel confident she has a foundation on which to build for the future." -- Julie, mother of graduating H.S. senior entering college as a music major

"We appreciate your time and hope to see you around. I'll bet you have a lot of happy students." -- mother of a 10th grade boy who plays from lead sheets; I met with them and referred her to the Nashville Jazz Workshop.

"I know that the number of people that have the patience to deal with (our son) are few and far between, and you have been wonderful with him. Thank you so much for all of your kindness." -- Carole, mother of a special needs son

"I appreciate your work with Lulu very much even though it has only been a short time. I believe you are an excellent piano teacher with outstanding credentials!" -- Daping Fan, Researcher in Cardiology, VUMC


Jeffrey and Kevin

Mom's answer when I asked why her son laughs during his lesson: "He likes you. Chinese teachers are very strict--it's just our way. Jeffrey enjoys his lessons with you. We are looking forward to a fun new semester." - Yinmei, mother of new student, age 7

"Congratulations on the expansion of your student list! You can tell that we (and our kids) love you!" - same mom a year later

"I am very proud of Jeffrey! I want to thank you one more time for your dedicated teaching and your patience." - same mom after 12/15/07 recital

"My father owns Steinway Piano Gallery. I live in Franklin and teach piano lessons (graduated from Furman with BM). I have read over your website and you seem like such a fun teacher. Kudos to you for building such a great studio." -- Mirandi Herrenbruck

"Your website looks great! I love the FAQ section - what a helpful resource for parents and adult students!" -- Laura Jewel, Piano Teacher

"You never get angry!" - Indira, 8th grade girl. She also told me, "Of all my teachers, you're my favorite." She's now a junior at St. Cecilia's and still taking piano!

 AFTER RECITAL Rose and Youli

XiuYa & Youli

"Dear Mr. James, You are doing a great job! The recital was really wonderful. My daughters will continue learning with you this summer and fall." - Guifeng, TSU professor

After a recital, I said to a father, "I couldn't play that well when I was five," to which he replied, "You didn't have as good a teacher as he does." - Dr. Hak Choy (VUMC, now at Southwestern, Dallas)

"...I was proud of her. When she sat down she was nervous, took a deep breath and proceeded beautifully. She was really excited about it afterward as well." - Amy, mother of new student, age 7

"The recital was great! What talented children. Thank you for helping to make Eric's first year of piano lessons such a positive experience. He has really enjoyed his time with you. Merry Christmas to you and your family and God's blessings for a healthy and happy New Year." - April, mom

"We were so impressed with the recital. Thanks so much for your dedication to music...I know God will honor it." -- Nancy, grandmother of a first-time recitalist

"Dingding asked me if today is Friday because he wants to have another recital today. I can tell that he really loves playing piano. Thank you for teaching him." - Yunzhen, mother of 5 year old

"My husband and I have attended many of your recitals and are very impressed with your method of teaching and the progress seen in your students." - Aunt of one of my longtime students

From my sister-in-law, excerpted from an email to a friend...
"My brother-in-law teaches piano at Belmont Academy. I went to his Christmas recital and the students and parents really seemed happy with James. It was adorable and moving watching them play." - Linda C., St. Thomas Hospital

Perhaps the highest praise I've ever received came from an adult student who,
while waiting for her lesson, overheard me teaching a 1st grader.
(The studio door was open.) Nancy, mother of a teenager, said:

"You're like Mister Rogers."

My wife told me if I'm looking for anything more than that, I won't find it.