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James Music Studio


Jaya He Bhaarata!

Indian flag

In the past decade, there has been a huge influx of Indians into middle Tennessee. Doctors, engineers, computer programmers and information systems professionals have found a welcome place here. As a result, I have had a major increase in Indian students, so much so that now a third of my studio are kids from Indian families! I have students who speak Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Gujurati and Marathi.

When I was young, I studied Yoga (Bhakti, Hatha and Raja) and wanted to visit an ashram in Uttar Pradesh, but never made it there. Now, India has come to me! My Indian students have become the backbone of my piano studio, and I am grateful for every single one.

Pooja Gavin & Eric

From Fall Recital 2018
LEFT: Asritha -- ABOVE RIGHT: Pooja - BELOW: Gavin & Eric

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